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Reflections for a better life

Zen and Buddhism have guidelines on ethics and behavior, in addition to mindfulness. On the other hand, in Tai Chi Chuan practice the focus is on mindfulness and movement.How can we reconcile these differences in approach, and what are the core similarities?

Are you interested in finding ways to strengthen your relationships, whether at home, work, or in the social sphere? Improving on long-held patterns of communication can be of great help in achieving that goal, for connections that you and those around you really enjoy.

What if we understand that a mind cleared of internal conflict is automatically present, and that presence is our natural state (but not so easy to attain)? Our brain’s language is frictionless and spacious energy, experienced as connection with others and with ourselves.

Imagine you are in a crowded movie theater. Suddenly, smoke starts to appear and spread throughout the theater. There are screams, and people jumping up and piling into a crowd...

What causes some people to be helpers and leaders in such a situation, instead of panicking?

What is an "enemy image"? How do you know when you have one?An enemy image exists whenever we think that our child, spouse, co-worker, or political figure is bad, crazy, or other similar judgments and condemnations.

We have probably all heard the following on various occasions: "We can't control anyone. They (he/she) make their own choices." That could be referring to family or friends making "bad" choices. But there is a mindset that can keep us connected in a more effective way!

Nonviolent communication is communication that originates from a place of kindness and connection with self and with other. It expresses what is really important to us, and is likely to help us and others get what we really need.

A lot has been written about apologies. How they are important, and how they should be worded. But I think there is important room for improvement, if the goal is to create a stronger relationship. Just this morning, ...

Be free of pre-set notions of good and bad, right and wrong, but allow your innate kindness flow to self and other. Then life becomes much less of an effort, and you can take action with a clear mind.

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