Taking a stepThere are many messages out there—mostly in the cyberworld at this time—about how to deal with the difficulties of the virus-induced lockdowns and social distancing. And they are for the most part good messages. Many of them cover the useful practices such as meditation, breathing deeply, and healthy activities such as having loving or caring conversations, going for a walk and exercising, Tai Chi Chuan practice, and other kinds of self-care.

Inclusive of all that, there is a fundamental principle when you are worrying, anxious, feeling stressed. My experiences with decades of practicing awareness through all kinds of circumstances is that even the worst, the very worst, experience is a state of mind that is temporary. It has no permanent substance. Living through the difficulties (or joys) and holding steady with our purpose, makes us bigger people.

Each of us is bigger than the worst stress, and bigger than the worst disaster. The life of each of us has great meaning. That is true whether or not we forget that reality at a given moment. The life of each of us has great meaning. Like a giant tree, we can be unshaken by the storms of positive and negative experiences.

Parent and child looking upwardsWhen you are full of the experience of stress, you can remind yourself: The fact that I am still doing work AND watching over children, means I am contributing to society and doing my best. The fact that I lost my temper means I have feelings and am likely scared about some kind of loss, so I can acknowledge that. The fact that I am alone and feeling lonely means that I am being tested by the universe, and will come out stronger if I hold as steady as I can (and can also take action if I choose to do so, to contact others whom I know).

These are just a few examples. No matter the circumstances, take charge and make choices that match your best principles and true needs, as best you can.

When I myself feel a taste of worry about possibly getting ill, or others getting ill, I remind myself that this is a thought process with no substance. I am here, doing what I can, and am one of the many children of this universe, deserving of self-appreciation and appreciation of this life. The latter are thoughts grounded in reality, and they are thoughts that lead to waking up in a more productive and enjoyable experience of daily life.

I can or I can not - my choiceIn with the good thoughts, out with the bad. Gently focus on the thoughts that are grounded in reality, and gently let go of the worrying thoughts. And let go of all of it!

You deserve it. You deserve a break. We all do. We do not need to add to the burden by being a self-critic or by adding difficulty to our own life. Let it go, whatever it is. Let it go, and experience and enjoy the moment.

I hope we can pass through this period of stress and see the light of a clearer horizon soon. I know that we can. Maybe in a few weeks, maybe a bit longer. And maybe much sooner, due to the power of your mind.