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Leaders and Organizations

As a leader, achieve your best results by being aware in both the business dimension and the inter-personal dimension, and by helping team members feel valued and work optimally together.


Female motivational speaker, smilingLeadership success requires not only understanding of the typical internal and environmental methods that make organizations successful, but also requires the individual in a leadership role to be self-aware, to understand communication with a wide variety of personality styles, and to have resources of inner well-being that allow both patience and assertiveness—and the wisdom to determine which one of those is needed in the moment!
For a leader to be capable of guiding a team toward optimal morale and performance while simultaneously feeling personal satisfaction, it is essential to understand oneself as well as understand communication with a wide variety of personality styles. Resources of personal well-being and awareness allow good communication with both patience and assertiveness—and the wisdom to determine which one of those is needed in the moment!


The expression “organizational therapy” is meant to convey addressing and healing areas of an organization that are not aligned well. This work can include helping individual executives and managers find more fulfillment and be more effective, and can also involve improving understanding and communication across the organization.

Because of my background with psychotherapy, the goal is not just to come up with procedures for improvement (although that helps too), but to enhance the acceptance and understanding between individuals and departments, for the well-being of all individuals and the organization.

Individuals in a team work environment are often interacting with coworkers with whom they would not naturally choose to interact, or with coworkers who think and act in different ways. Training in awareness and communication helps bridge the gaps between people and leads to better morale, increased staff engagement, better use of organizational assets, and better outcomes for the organization.

Interaction with other team members, with clients, and with vendors, all contribute to a positive or negative workplace experience. You can make the workplace a positive place for team members, with corresponding benefits for the organization.

I have worked in the business world for large companies, and then ran my own successful consulting company providing service to organizations of all sizes, for over 35 years. This included experience with planning, marketing, negotiating, implementation, and management of staff.

Talks and Workshops for staff, management teams, and executives:

  • Speaking and Listening: Building a Better Workplace for Well-Being and Success: Find out how you and your team can experience the greater clarity, enthusiasm, and just plain enjoyment that results from excellent communication. Based on principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Management for the Mindful: Understand and practice the mindful awareness for managers that allows just the right amount of intervention, or at times non-intervention, in the varied situations that arise in the workplace
  • Mission Possible: Clarify the mission of your organization for managers and team members. A clarified and authentic mission means a more harmonized and motivated workplace, leading to greater retention, engagement, and effectiveness
  • Power Wash Your Vision: As a leader, find out how to go deep into your awareness and let go of distracting thoughts, so your words and actions are clear and align with your vision. Simplifying perceptions and actions gives them more power, and increases the likelihood of accomplishing your goals

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