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Individuals and Relationships

When your understanding of yourself improves, you also improve your ability to see the world clearly and to express in daily life and in relationships, and you can find the fulfillment and success you seek.

Solutions for individuals and for relationships such as couples and parents / children
  • Find Balance: Anxiety and depression are opposite responses to inner conflict. Finding one’s core awareness, feelings, and determination leads to renewed balance, connection, and effectiveness in daily life, as conflicts are released and productive energy takes the place of anxiety and depression. Through work in session, you can become more aware of self-limiting messages as well as your true motivators. As awareness unfolds, the previously hidden thoughts and feelings become productive in life instead of creating discomfort and imbalance.
  • Increase Focus and Energy: Embodying your unexpressed determination and passion leads to increased focus and energy. This is accomplished by unearthing conflicts and studying how to express one’s beliefs and feelings from a deeper place. The result is that rather than coming primarily from the head, words and action are then expressed with one’s whole being, leading to full embodiment and clarified thinking in everyday life. This leads to increased ability to respond to life’s challenges and increased ability to persist in resolving them successfully.
  • Improve Communication and Connection for Couples and within Families: Compassionate communication allows for improvement of relationships. This means less conflict, as well as more fulfilling relationships. It requires skill to express one’s feelings of frustration or pain without attacking others, and to express joy in a way that connects with other people. Couples and family members, such as parents and children, can learn to fully hear each other, and to respond respectfully but honestly. Through this process, confusing layers of misunderstanding are replaced by sincerity, heartfelt connection, and conversations that lead to increased mutual understanding.
  • Find Support for Managing Substance Abuse Issues: Substance abuse is a very challenging problem for the user as well as for those in the user’s life. Health, relationships, and work outcomes, are all affected by substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse leads to dishonest behaviors and difficulty in making beneficial changes, and sometimes leads to violence. Those who care about and care for the user need guidance how to handle these challenges, as well as how to find some peace of mind for themselves and maintain healthy boundaries.

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