Licensed Psychoanalyst
Tai Chi Chuan Master Instructor

Help create and improve your sense of purpose and well-being so you can achieve your goals in life. The practices of insight and energy lead to reduced stress, improved harmony of mind and body, and as a result, greater clarity, well-being, and capacity for reaching your goals.

I have been involved with healing and energy practice since 1971, including: meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, psychotherapy practice, and mind / body work based on ancient, proven principles as well as the most current understanding of human nature and potential for growth. All of these emphasize deep connection with oneself and others, and expression of that connection in daily life.

In addition, I worked in the business world and then ran my own company providing service to organizations of all sizes, for over 30 years. This included experience with planning, marketing, negotiating, and implementation, and management of staff.

Share and benefit from the fruits of these practices and experience—if you want to develop your own clear insight and energy, experience more well-being, be more successful in reaching your goals, and lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Individual Work

Your self-created insight and energy, through guidance and dialogue with an experienced therapist, are a solution for a leading a better life. Through this work we can help you uncover your innate insight and energy, a wonderful resource that each of us has but which few of us use to their full capability.

Connecting to your deepest insight and awareness and to your capacity for energetic action, leads to a life that is more fulfilling, more connected to those around you, and better for family, friends, and society. When your own insight and energy improve, relationships and your ability to express in daily life also improve, and you are better able to achieve your important goals.

Group and Organizational Work

Individuals in a work environment are often interacting with others whom they would not naturally choose for engagement, or with others who think and act in different ways. Awareness work and action training help bridge the gaps between people and lead to better morale, more mutual support, and more collaboration in the workplace.

If you have ever experienced two staff members (or two groups in an organization) vying for recognition over the other, you know how that can negatively affect the workplace in multiple ways. And if you or staff members are impacted by self-doubts, unrealistic expectations, or communication issues internally or with clients, you also know how that can affect the results the organization can achieve due to turnover and low employee engagement.

Contact me for more information about group work for your organization’s management or staff, and for individual work to develop your own insight and energy as a leader.

Call (718) 229-2609 for more information.

For information about David Alexander’s Tai Chi Chuan training offerings, visit the Internal Tai Chi Chuan of NY website to find out specifically about individual and group Tai Chi Chuan instruction, and for local group meetings for Tai Chi Chuan practice.