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Yes, You Have Influence With (But Not Control Over) Others!

We have probably all heard the following on various occasions: “We can’t control anyone. They (he/she) made their own choices.” That could be referring to family or friends making “bad” choices. But there is a mindset that keeps us connected in a more positive way!

Explaining the Unexplained: Sunshine Penetration and Our Growth

The opening up of rawness, whether it is loving feelings, hurt or anger, generosity, or loneliness, is an opportunity for growth. Rawness has its own trajectory, and can lead to new and unexpected growth and fulfillment.

Lighting Up the World

Societal systems need to change, to provide a more unifying and kinder environment which will support mental, physical, and financial health for all people in the United States. It can happen, but a lot of work and effort is needed. I hope each of us can be part of that.