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The Mind, Moving with No Hindrance, for a Peaceful and Joyful Life

Be free of pre-set notions of good and bad, right and wrong, but allow your innate kindness flow to self and other. Then life becomes much less of an effort, and you can take action with a clear mind.

Explaining the Unexplained: Sunshine Penetration and Our Growth

The opening up of rawness, whether it is loving feelings, hurt or anger, generosity, or loneliness, is an opportunity for growth. Rawness has its own trajectory, and can lead to new and unexpected growth and fulfillment.

Lust for Life, and Inevitable Empathy: Beyond Ideas of Illness

If plants and insects and other small animals have strategies to survive, then even moreso we humans do.

That is why psychological labels need to be used in a very limited way. Why? Because everything we do…

Finding Your and Our Inspiration: Sharing My Experiences

Having a clear purpose, and connection to self and other, takes us beyond the moment, beyond the stress of our own limited problems, and connects….