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Experience a better life.
Would you like to improve your sense of well-being, clarity, and purpose... and your comfort and confidence being you... so you and those around you can achieve important goals in life? You can do so through your effort and our work together.
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Be comfortable and confident, being YOU!

When your true self finds expression, and your inner and outer worlds are harmonized, you can feel comfortable and confident being you. Be a good friend and enjoy your good friends; make family, community, and workplace better through your presence; and find fulfillment and success by knowing and expressing who you are.
Individuals, Couples & Families

Your self-created insight and energy, through guidance and dialogue with a skilled and caring therapist, are a solution for a leading a better life.

Leaders and Organizations

Leadership success requires self-awareness and the ability to communicate with team members, with authenticity, connection, and vision.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan practice improves feelings of well-being, and increases energy while reducing stress. It also has proven  physical health benefits.

David B. Alexander speaking at a Health & Business Alliance meeting

Understanding one's true self, and expression of that awareness in daily life are, I believe, the keys for a better life. They are central to achieving fulfillment and being a positive presence at home, with friends and acquaintances, and in the workplace.

I have been teaching healing and energy practice using multiple modalities since 1971, including: Zen meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, and psychotherapy practice and coaching. All of these emphasize deep connection with oneself and others, and the ability to express that connection in daily life.

Combined with my real-world experience of decades in the workplace and with raising a family, what I am offering are solutions for the varied challenges of everyday living as well as for meeting the larger difficulties that can appear suddenly, for any of us.

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Harmony of mind and body

Psychotherapy is an important resource for individuals and couples who want to enrich their experience of life.
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Imagine you are in a crowded movie theater. Suddenly, smoke starts to appear and spread throughout the theater. There are screams, and people jumping up and piling into a crowd heading to the back of the theater...

What is an “enemy image”? How do you know when you have one? An enemy image exists whenever we think that our child, spouse, co-worker, or political figure is bad, crazy, or other similar judgments and condemnations.

We have probably all heard the following on various occasions: “We can’t control anyone. They (he/she) made their own choices.” That could be referring to family or friends making "bad" choices. But there is a mindset that keeps us connected in a more positive way!

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Expand your insight and connect to your own energy!

As a result of expanding your insight and connecting to your own energy, you can reduce stress, improve harmony of mind and body, and gain the joyfulness and the focus needed to reach your goals.

The appointment can be for psychotherapy or to discuss meeting your goals in the workplace. Comfort with being yourself, and true confidence, are essential for meeting any important goal.

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