Psychotherapist / Psychoanalyst
Life / Executive Coach
Tai Chi Chuan Master Instructor

Would you like to improve your sense of well-being, clarity, and purpose, so you can achieve your goals in life?

This can be accomplished through psychotherapy or through deep coaching. As a result of expanding your insight and connecting to your own energy, you can reduce stress, improve harmony of mind and body, and gain the joyfulness and the focus needed to reach your goals. This applies to individuals, couples, and families as well as to leaders and organizations.

I have been teaching healing and energy practice using multiple modalities since 1971, including: Zen meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, and coaching and psychotherapy practice, all based on ancient, proven principles as well as the most current understanding of human nature and potential for growth. All of these emphasize deep connection with oneself and others, and the ability to express that connection in daily life.

Benefit from the fruits of these practices and experience—if you want to develop your own clear insight and energy.

Individuals, Couples, and Families

Your self-created insight and energy, through guidance and dialogue with an experienced therapist, are a solution for a leading a better life. Through this work we can help you uncover your innate insight and energy, a wonderful resource that each of us has but which few of us use to their full capability.

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Leaders and Organizations

Leadership success requires not only understanding of the typical internal and environmental methods that make organizations successful, but also requires self-awareness and the ability to communicate with team members, with authenticity, connection, and vision.

Meanwhile, individuals in a work environment are often interacting with others whom they would not naturally choose for engagement, or with others who think and act in different ways. Divisions within your staff or between upper management and staff has in many studies been proved to damage loyalty, morale, and productivity.

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